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Thanks to Jade’s illustrious dealings at Saturday’s NSCA board meeting, we have received the “green light” to take the WordPress and Facebook page live! The celebration was brief—still a lot to do with the website and Facebook page.

I added a bit more information to the Facebook page. It’s important to imagine who’s going to stumble across the page and what little they might know. Interestingly, one source stated that Facebook users, on average, only “like” 2 pages a month… so you have to be keen when you are designing the page. But the design is only (if even) half of it. Another source recommended updating at least once a day, and having about a 1:9 ratio between marketing posts and informational posts.

Sadly, conflict continues in South Sudan despite the 2011 independence referendum. This gives the Facebook page a new responsibility: to inform people about the day-to-day struggles. Keeping people informed about this issue is simply inherently good, and hopefully people will respond positively to the mix of international news and local events. Just like NNP discussed, to have a networked nonprofit is to have it open to criticism and activity. The only way to stay relevant in a digitally social world is to INTEGRATE into the system, which in this case is an open-ended, user-based, transparent system of reciprocity.

However, Dead week brings Jade and I into a new phase of the project–the most important one, I believe. That is, we need to start fostering sustainability by teaching some members at NSCA how to use the Facebook page and edit the WordPress. Social Media is great insofar as you remain active, and, well, SOCIAL. This final phase will blend well with the assessment report and book review. In order to instill the right attitude toward Social Media, it’s important to remember all the basics…. Time to start reviewing!

All for now–

Check out the WordPress!

And the Facebook!