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Here’s a brief overview of my week so far–perhaps more for me than for anyone else haha.

I set out to create a “History” page for the NSCA. The brochure had a lot of historical data, but I thought it would benefit from being in more of a narrative and strictly chronological format. There’s still a lot going on in Sudan-South Sudan, but I tried to focus on the events in the distant past: there’s no way to understand current events if I don’t have a strong foundational understanding. I think I’ve improved the narrative, but Kate Bladow had an important suggestion: The average non-native speaker doesn’t have an extremely high reading level, so it’s important to write for a more general audience.

Kate also suggested having a “History of Sudan” page as opposed to an “About” (the organization) page. While there might be a bit of an overlap, the distinction is beneficial. One thing I keep thinking while I’m working on writing for the website and add images is that the average web user is impatient, harried by a million images, and not likely to stay on one page for long. So I’m best making a visuallly engaging and textually concise website. Efficiency is key–a principle that seems to cross over into a lot of areas.

Jade and I are working on obtaining more information, such as census data, a list of the staff with pictures and bio information, and a more exhaustive description of “services provided.” I find myself looking at Charity:Water’s page and using it as a standard of excellence. It is a beautiful and engaging site. Getting more pictures and using them effectively is another thing I hope Jade and I can mimic from Charity:Water.

Thanks to Dr. Brooks, Jade and I found the Facebook page. Unfortunately, the page is a “person” whose name is NewSudanese CommunityAssociation (nsca). It has over 500 friends–which is awesome, but we’re thinking there will be some serious benefits in switching it from a person to a page: people can simply join and add their friends, announcements are easier to send–basically, communication and networking is considerably easier and makes more sense for an organization than a faux-person.

For now, I just plan on transferring data from the official site to the WordPress, while increasing visuals, content, and overall design. I think this weekend will be a productive one for Jade and me, and with any luck, we’ll have a strong WordPress and Facebook page to show them when the next Board Meeting roles around.

Short post. Time to get back to work. More later.