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Jade and I met this morning and set up a GoogleDoc for the two of us to throw ideas into as we continue to critically read and think about our assessment and strategic plan. The more I read NNP–and thanks to a prompt for the spectacular Kate Bladow–I am increasingly inclined to transfer (perhaps only temporarily) the NSCA website to a WordPress blog.

Likely, when Jade and I meet to really tool out our ideas on Thursday, we’ll decide how feasible it is, but I think the advantages continue to mount and out-weigh the disadvantages. In fact, I think it addresses a fundamental issue in Non Profit work: running a legitimate/professional organization while being receptive to outside and non-professional forces. Remember the tenets of social media: the users are the producers and are typically non professional. If we want to create an environment that attracts social media users (which of course we do) than we have to be consistent with the laws of the medium… We can’t reinvent the internet and change the rules.

WordPress offers us a tremendous balance between being professional and being accessible and social. It will allow for interactive opportunities on the blog–via pictures, polls, and comments–and it can be easily reciprocated. I find crowd-sourcing to be very easy and efficient on here, as well. I’ve found many an awesome philosophy blog (and interacted with a few “strangers”) just by simple searches. Together, we can congregate and share works and ideas. Perfect. NNP stresses the need to find the “right” crowd, and WordPress makes that easy via tags, categories, and searches. Jade and I are realizing that the crowd is quite multifarious for NSCA: they want to attract donors and volunteers, but they will certainly benefit from connected with other Sudanese associations and social media users in general.

Another benefit to moving the site to WordPress is because Jade and I are comfortable with it… which means anyone could become comfortable with it (let’s face it, if I can do it, anyone can). Kanter states that before a non profit site has to be “completely organized before engaging outside people” (110). Abraham Makow told us his primary concern was with the website, so it might be a benefit to us all to cross over to the user friendly and interactive WordPress while some more able-minded individual can work on the website.

Likewise (and I know, I’m really loving WordPress… maybe I should get some advertising money from them…), WordPress will allow an easy tracking of stats, which will aid in any type of “loop analysis.” And when we post, followers get e-mail (a classic “old new media” outlet, but shouldn’t be underestimated). It also has easy cross-advertising with Twitter and Facebook feeds… maybe there was a reason Dr. Brooks had us use WordPress…

I know the “Lost Boys” have a moving story to be told, so I think there could be many opportunities for them to express themselves via blogging. If we could get a “guest blogger” (I know some news reporters have experience writing with them), then that could be a great publicity venture as well.

Okay, enough for today. Look for more to come. Good luck to everybody else!