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I’d like to thank Kate Bladow for the very helpful vlog… For someone like me who has virtually no experience working with non profits—and little social media usage, as well—it was great help. I liked her 3 “keys” to dealing with the non profit.

Jade and I met today to talk about what we’ve discovered about our non profit: New Sudanese Community Association. Going off of many of the suggestions and ideas from both Ms. Bladow and the NNP book, we tried to think of a preliminary strategy and important questions to ask the non profit. Here are a few:

1.) Do you work closely with any other non profits?

2.) Do you have a strict definition of people you assist (in our case, just Sudanese refugees, or possibly anyone from Africa/world)?

3.) Do you have ties with any government/federal/state organizations?

4.) Do you have any trouble connecting with and retaining Sudanese refugees? i.e. Should social media focus on attracting other organizations and potential donors, or people to use your resources?

5.) Do you have regularly planned events?

6.) How do you feel about complete, or near-complete, transparency?

7.) Do you know what precisely you might qualify for as a 501 (c) (3) organization?

8.) Are the people that you hope to connect with and retain primarily with or without smart phones?

9.) How much traffic does your webpage average?

This list is not by any means exhaustive… But it’s getting late! haha. Look for more information and reactions to the readings and blogs to come!