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New to Twitter? So am I! Here are a few quick things I’d reccommend for fellow beginners:

1.) Use your name as your “@UserName.” It makes it easier to find you.

2.) Try to check out the #EC457. That way you can add Dr. Brooks and other people in the class.. I need more followers!

3.) It’s definitely a good idea to at least have your full name in your Settings profile so people can find you.

4.) Have a little blurb about you in your profile. If you include location and some interests it’ll make people that want to find you, find you. That’s social media!

5.) Have a profile picture… the egg looks really corny.

6.) Don’t be afraid to post something…. just do it! The less you think, the better—Levinson seemed to urge a kind of intuitive tweeting, unless you’re trying to sell a book, that is.

7.) I think this is a helpful link for beginners, too.

P.S. A micro-esque tetrad for Twitter vs. blog:

Enhances production (at least quantitatively) and connection to other people’s products.

Retrieves a sense of levity that I felt on Facebook. Things aren’t as “academic” on Twitter—-and not that the two have an inverse relationship, but Twitter is more “fun” and funny.

Obselesces prolonged concentration on a topic or idea. It’s all about instantaneous-ness. Quick posts, quick comments, quick thought.

Reverses the “levity” into a bit of harassment. Since I am virtually connected to everybody (unless I change my privacy settings… but that seems counter-productive), everybody is connected to me. I have 4 “followers” who appear to be porn stars… Pretty sure I didn’t include anything about “porn” in my interests haha.

Look for more to come, both here and here: @DominicManthey.