The “Innernette”

After reading Levinson’s chapter on blogging, I thought that I’d try to spruce up my blog with a video. The above video (by comic geniuses “Tim & Eric”) exemplifies, with no sparing of satire, key differences between old and new media. When Eric anxiously wonders how he can be 100% safe from “E-worms,” Tim assures him that since the whole program is grounded on a disc, there is no connection to anybody, “so nobody can connect to you.”

This obviously undermines many of the main tenets of not only new new media, but even new media–there is no socializing, and thus there can’t be any kind of “mutually catalytic” interactions. One is forced to consider the SOPA legislation that is being enacted–does the price of “security” undermine the very fabric of a free internet community?

While Eric’s activity on his own blog could be about anything, the impact will certainly be predictable… it will have virtually no impact! In fact, while I’ve mentioned in other posts and comments about ‘de facto’ anonymity when there is a near-infinite interactive audience, it seems like the other side of the security specturm—with ultimate gatekeepers and censor-machines—forces a more sinister form of anonymity, i.e. the anonymity of only talking to oneself!

I hope to have more interactions within my own blogging community this week, especially while playing with the ‘Tetrad’ analytic tool. Look for more to come!