My name is Dominic Manthey, and I am an English and philosophy double major. I’m hoping to find an appropriate balance (in this particular blog and beyond) between academic and conversational speech. I’m especially interested in seeing which, if either, plays a more important role in having a “popular” blog. One of the main reasons I’ve signed up for this class is to expand my understanding of social media, in both theory and practice. Although I was born into what I consider the “Digital Age,” I do not consider myself especially “literate” in technology… hopefully I’ll prove myself wrong.

I first immersed myself into social media when I was a sophomore in High School (2006). Despite my cries of protest, several of my friends created a Facebook page for me… They were clever enough to write on several other people’s walls under my name, so by the time I saw what they had done, I was already getting feedback and attention from other people. In other words, I was hooked on social media.

I’ve spent the greater part of my life exploiting Google in all of its ‘search-engine’ goodness. And at times it is only the intermediary between me and Wikipedia. Incredibly, I’ve avoided virtually any other social media (as far as I understand the term). I do not (yet) have a Twitter account.

As far as hardware goes, I will be using my standard HP laptop when I am at home (about 50% of my day), and otherwise jumping onto a school computer (the other 50% of my day). I’ll be interested to see if this works, or if I will eventually bring my laptop to campus. Notably, I do NOT have a smartphone of any kind… I have one of the dumbest phones imaginable. So my hardware is pretty basic.

Lastly, I want to make it irrefutably clear that I am not at all tech-savvy… There will be no ego-trips or one-upmanships on my blog, most likely. In fact, I am not sure if I am even doing this first assignment correctly!?!? So, if you are out there in the web-world, feel free to criticize away. It will only get better, right?